Cider Pork Chops with Apple-Raisin Stuffing - 3 Serving Entrée

Juicy pork chops marinated in apple juice and herbs and then baked on top of our house-made stuffing with croutons, white wine, raisins, seasonings and a splash of apple juice. Your home will smell divine when they walk in, and you will take the glory! Oven: 55 minutes. Serving Size: 1 pork chop and 4 oz stuffing (235g), Calories 320, Calories from Fat 90, Total Fat 10g, Saturated Fat 2.5g, Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 70mg, Sodium 500mg, Carbs 28g, Fiber <1g, Sugar 8g, Protein 27g Heart Healthy, Low Fat, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Nut Free, No Seafood No Added Garlic, No Added Hot Spice, No Added Salt Seasonings, No Mushrooms, No Added Bell Pepper, No Olives


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