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No. You can shop as needed from any of our menus, however Club members get up to 13% off purchases and there is no cost to join.

Super Suppers saves you up to 50% on other meal services. Restaurants cost an average of $13/serving, Meal Kits $11.99/serving, and Super Suppers offers you entrees as low as $5.98/serving and complete meals as low as $7.22/serving.

No, you can cancel at the end of the 3-month trial. Should you stay beyond the trial you can suspend for up to 4-months at a time with 2-week's notice or there is only a 60-day notice to cancel.

No, you can change levels each month and suspend for up to 4 months at a time.

Complete meals. For 3 serving meals, you make your entrée selection and you choose your side, appetizer, or dessert. For 1 serving meals, the Chef pairs the side(s). If you would like to buy entrées only, you may do so within the Club by adding them à la carte at your discount level once you've chosen your meal package items. Or, if you are not a Club member, you are welcome to shop and pay à la carte price for pick-up or delivery.


Super Suppers offers deliveries up to a 25-mile radius. See delivery price chart at the bottom of the website or call for a quote. We do offer discounted route deliveries on Thursdays that can significantly decrease the cost of delivery.

Super Suppers does offer this feature, however, as we do not ship in bulk, prices typically add an additional 20% or more to the sale. Clients often note it is still no more expensive than other meal shipping kits and ours has most of the prep work done and has less packaging waste. The client must purchase a minimum of $200 in goods for shipping, plus shipping charges. Call for quote. Please note, pizzas and microwave meals are not shipped at this time.


Most customers want to save time and elect staff to make their food for them, however, Super Suppers offers Team Buildings and Private Parties. During these events there is an option to make your own prepared meals. Call for quote.

No we do not add any additional preservatives to our recipes. Super Suppers staff prepares the food like you would at home, freezes and labels it. Therefore, it is only meant to be frozen up to 3-months for Take n’ Bake and 1.5 months for microwave meals and pizzas.

Microwave Minute Meals are pre-cooked for an easy heat and serve option. For Take n’ Bake, no, it is real food made fast, not fast food. We provide the customer with easy to follow heat and serve instructions. The exception is diced chicken and crumbled meats. Those we pre-cook as they are often inside a recipe and to save customers time, we do that in-house.

Oven items are most often in a pan, and ready to place in a pre-heated oven. We also have bagged items, which are most often cooked via stovetop, grill, or crock pot. Microwavable meals come in BPA free microwave-safe, recyclable pans.

Yes. Very easy to follow heat and serve instructions are provided. Teenagers to Senior Citizens can use Super Suppers.

Yes. Our microwave meals come in BPA-free microwavable containers. Very easy to follow heat and serve instructions are provided.

No need to order ahead as we have a variety of in-stock items that change daily in our Grab n' Go freezer section. If you want customized entrées then you will need to pre-order (order this week, ready the following Thursday for pick-up or delivery). These options are entitled “customizable” entrées. Both can be ordered online.

Single and three serving entrées. Build popular serving sizes like four or six servings by mixing and matching these serving sizes to meet family needs. Club members have the ability to add servings at a discount price.

Yes, for those titled “customizable” entrées as they are made to order (order this week, ready the following Thursday for pick-up or delivery). All other items are immediately available in our Grab n’ Go freezers in-store.

We work dilligently to have nutritionals available. We also offer keto-friendly, low carb, low fat, low sodium, and you can use nutritionals to calculate diabetic-friendly items. We are allergy and Vegan-friendly. We follow all Serv-safe preparation guidelines and prepare these items at the beginning of each day to prevent cross-contamination; however, items are made on shared equipment, with the exception of rice – we have a separate rice cooker that is gluten-free only. See our nutritional's under each item description or call Super Suppers and speak to staff for more information or a customized plan to meet your needs.

Super Suppers does all the prep in advance so there is no chopping, slicing or dicing. Oven items are typically heat and serve, then discard the pan. Stove-top comes in bags and Super Suppers tries to keep clean-up to 1 pan per entrée and 1 pan per side. Typically, the most challenging prep is to boil water and add noodles - it really is that easy! Crock Pots typically require pour and heat with only the pot to clean-up. Grill or microwave minute meals leaves no pans to clean.

A three serving size entrée takes 30 minutes on average from refrigerator to clean-up when thawed. Add approximately 5-10 minutes if frozen. Single servings take about 5-10 minutes less.

Occasionally, Super Suppers offers a small complimentary side with an entrée and you will see that listed in the description. Most are offered separately to offer the customer a choice of how – or if – they want to complete their meal. For 1 serving size meals the Chef picks the side(s) to include.

Yes. They are single serving, FDA portion size, and include both an entrée and Chef-choice side(s).

The “customizable” menu varies weekly, changing every Tuesday. Our Grab n’ Go Freezer stock changes daily.

Staff does not add any extra preservatives to our items in order to extend freezer life. Our Take n' Bake entrées should be eaten within 3 months of purchasing or 3 days in the refrigerator. For Microwave Minute Meals we suggest eating within 1.5 months of purchasing or 3 days in the refrigerator. If thaw and serve label is applied please eat within 24 hours of thawing.

Yes, you can cook most entrées from a frozen state. Simply follow the heat and serve instructions for guidelines. Some entrées that marinate are often better thawed for twenty-four hours; that will be noted on the heat and serve label.


See our Refund Policy located at the bottom of the website.


Gift certificates are treated like cash. There is no replacement for lost or stolen certificates.

Super Suppers offers tracking at an added fee for any mailed certificates. If this is declined and certificate does not arrive for any reason, Super Suppers does not replace certificates as they are treated as cash.

Super Suppers was originally a franchise; however, the Perrysburg location is an independent licensed user of the name. Corporate closed several years ago and Super Suppers Perrysburg has not participated in their gift card program since 2007. Any gift cards purchased from the Perrysburg location expire after 2 years and are not refundable. As Perrysburg is an independent location, we never accepted cards from other franchise locations.

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